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Massage Therapy & Energetic Healing

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Sport Recovery
A deep tissue sports massage can be an effective part of your overall recovery from sport-related or non-athletic muscle injuries alike.
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Hot Stones
Hot stone massage benefits range from physical pain relief to mental and emotional stress relief. 
A holistic, integrative approach that establishes a practical and intuitive framework to naturally guide you into a state of harmony through an individualized, customized plan.
Shiatsu is an ancient Oriental healing therapy using the acupuncture meridian system. It treats the person by balancing the flow of Qi/Chi (life energy) through precise finger pressure.
Energy Healing
My energetic practices are multiple but focused on providing insights through Clearvision and readings to help you get to know your selves better.
Active Stretching
Assisted stretching is designed to not only help improve your flexibility, but also to alleviate compounded strains and micro-stresses on your muscles. 

About me

About me

From the Kazakstan's countryside, Guided by my intuition, curiosity decided to make the leap to the USA in 2014.


Incorporating Trigger Point Techniques at a widely recognized Massage School in Los Angeles.  I am passionate in practicing pain management and relaxing techniques by creating a unique customized healing therapy and energy massage for each client. National Holistic Institute of California where I pursued in-depth study of modalities from all around the world, from Shiatsu to Swedish massage, including methods such as Myofascial Release Therapy and sports conditioning, Body Wrapping, Body Sculpting, Lymphatic Drainage, Relax Wood Therapy and Kinesiology Therapy. Certification in progress, Applied & Structural Kinesiology with the Kinesiology Institute.


I am looking forward to working with you and helping you reach your massage goal and gaining a peaceful mindset and wellbeing.

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